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light box process

I have created 18 by 18 light sensory boxes for people to wear when viewing them. I have glued all four sides together leaving an opening for peoples heads then filled them with individual fairy lights by drilling holes in the top and sides of the boxes. These will be a set of four with different coloured lights in each of them.


Trial 1


This was a hanging spinning windmill that I hung from the ceiling in front of the light. This was done without any artificial movement. I left the camera rolling to see the natural turning of the hanging windmill. Looking back at the footage, I then edited it down on premier pro to make a finished film and removed the sound to make it a visual piece. This led to one of my finished pieces of work, “spiral”

Ideas to take my work forward

These are just some ideas that I have had that I would like to take forward in my own art practice;

1. Filming my work from up above

2. Filling containers with ink or paint then mark making with them on a surface

3. Making work and then photographing sections of it to then blow it up large scale

4. Mark making outdoors