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These images are the last in my photogram series. Now I will select the best 19 to go into an exhibition at the Lightbox.



Photogram Progress

Photograms is a process of exposing objects to light and then developing them using a chemical process. As I am very interested in movement I decided to brainstorm a list of objects that could be manipulated and show movement. This idea was inspired by Madeline Beckett who creates stunning photograms by placing live objects on photographic paper.


After reviewing my final outcomes, I have come to the conclusion that a human hand works better with this process as when you move a live object, you don`t gain enough light exposure.



Trial 2


This was an experiment of artificial movement and standing free windmills. I set up two fans either side of the windmills and filmed whilst spinning. I decided to film it without the fans inside as I just wanted it to be about the visual element. Looking back at the footage, this was a mesmerising piece so I did the same process of editing it on premier pro and removing the sound which led to the end piece of “Come on in”.



Trial 1


This was a hanging spinning windmill that I hung from the ceiling in front of the light. This was done without any artificial movement. I left the camera rolling to see the natural turning of the hanging windmill. Looking back at the footage, I then edited it down on premier pro to make a finished film and removed the sound to make it a visual piece. This led to one of my finished pieces of work, “spiral”


This is a video of manipulating materials. The final materials I have chosen to use for the video are materials you can see a severe change after manipulation. These materials are Tin foil, tissue paper and newspaper.

I love working in this medium because it is something I can do independently and use as a documentation tool. I may not use it as a final outcome as the finished videos may not be to a high standard.

Film Trials

As it was pointed out it would be nice to see documentation of the work I was creating I decided to explore the film side of my work.

Trial Film first session – After brainstorming a number of materials I decided to select three to record myself moving them with my hands. The materials I had selected was due to the shape they would create when scrunched. During filming I had my camera on a tripod underneath a light source and tilted directly above my tray on a white background.

Trial Film second session – On review of my first films, I decided that the white background did not look affective as the light was bouncing off the white card. So I decided to film them this time on a black background. I also changed one of the materials, the bubble wrap, to newspaper as it wasn’t creating the shapes that I wanted.