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Working Progress

For my next project I would like to in large the scale of my work and the objects I am using. In order for me to do this, I have decided to get A3 sheets of white paper, rocks, rope, Red and Orange paint. As I was inspired by the work of Sam Francis.

image image




‘Tools’ This is a finished piece of recent work that I have decided to name Tools due to the way it was produced. This is a canvas that I split into sections using different household objects to mark make. You will see in the post below that I made some trials using different objects from them I chose the best three which were to me, the hairbrush, the sponge and string. From left to right on this canvas, the first mark is the brush and the second is the sponge and the third being the string. My favourite out of the three is the sponge due to the fact when I showed this finished piece of work to people they think that it is something either than a sponge e.g. tyre marks. This has given me inspiration to produce more work in this field and pushed the boundaries of drawing to its limits.

Mark making trials

These are photos of my Mark Making Trials, they were produced by using different everyday objects with black ink. I chose to use black ink because it contrasts against the white background and stands out.



This is an image created by a plastic hairbrush, because of the material used it has not absorbed the ink when dipped in. Due to this it has made whispy uncontrollable marks when printed on paper. I love this effect because it is not something that you can control.



I decided to stamp the bottom of different sized cups into ink and then stamp them on white paper. I do not like this image because it has left big white holes in the middle of the ink print, I think this is due to the ink not absorbed into the material. The other reason why I do not like it is because the mark created is too bold and too controlled for what I prefer my drawings to be.



This mark is created by string, I soaked a piece of string into ink and then using my hand swished it around my book to create the effect you see here. Even though I was controlling the string by hand it has created a non-controlled effect on the paper.



I dipped a sponge into ink and then pressed very lightly onto paper. This creates a very light dusting effect of ink almost like being sprinkled by a brush. This is my favourite out of the trials that I have done.



I used a toothbrush to create this effect. I brushed it around the paint leaving ink trails. I do not like this mark as it is too bold and too striking.

Mark Making -my work

Looking back at the artists I have chosen to research I’m interested in the mark making technique and drawing. For my first piece of work I would like to mark make with everyday objects, just like the idea behind Floyers work of using everyday objects. Firstly, I will make a list of the objects I’m going to use and secondly, I will experiment with these on a smaller scale before transferring them to a bigger scale.