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I am really happy with is overall project that I am putting up named boundaries as I think that I have achieved what I set out to achieve which is to show how objects can be used an pushed to make abstract art. The artists that have inspired me to create this portfolio of work have been Ceal Floyer, Bart Lodewijks, Francis Alys and Sam Francis.

The six pieces of work I am entering for this section of my portfolio are:

  • Swish
  • Rock and roll
  • Dropped rock
  • Spiral
  • Printed rock
  • Whipped


This is the enlarged version of whipped on a canvas. As I wanted this to be delicate, I chose a smaller canvas for this than the other two pieces of work so the viewer would see its delicacy and its vulnerability. This is my favourite out of the pieces I have collected for this body of work, as in my opinion it is the most abstract because I think when you look at it you cannot really tell what’s making the mark as they are so thin and light.


Whipped Trial

For this experiment, I cut the end of the soft white rope off and then tied it together at the end with an elastic band as the ends where frayed and open this gave me a nice texture to hit against paper with red paint. I was surprised at the outcome of this as it gave a nice trickily effect when transferred onto paper.

IMG_1473 IMG_1467


After the trial went so well, I decided I was going to print this as a piece for my final project. I decided to do it on canvas because it gave me more stability when pushing the rope down to print. I decided to do it in a sequence and I let the paint run low as I went along. This is my favourite piece of work out of the project to date because it’s the most obscured when shown to people.


Spiral Trial

I got my white soft rope and coiled it into a spiral then stitching it together to hold in place. Then  printed it in the centre of my sketch book. I was very pleased with the outcome as this gave a fragmented shape as the rope had an indention on it.


Printed rock

For the enlarged version, I decided to go to printing this on a canvas as I thought it would give a hard service and a structure to the piece. I treated the rock like a stamp, I would paint the rock and then print it onto the canvas in a line until the paint ran out on the rock.Two things that I found really interesting about this piece were the fact that the rock prints had a hole in them and when the paint faded was the most interesting part of the piece.


Printed rock trial

For this I painted rock half orange and half red and printed directly onto paper. As you can see this did not leave much of a trail but I think this was due to the lack of paint on the rock. I would still like to print this bigger as I think it will look very good enlarged.