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About Alice Macdonald

I am Reading based artist. I am currently studying for a Fine Art degree at UCA Farnham. With my Art I like to challenge people's percipients of the Art world and how to display Art.


For my Scenery project I would like to build 5 walk in boxes to cover the 5 scenes. Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch and Taste. These boxes will be 5 ft. by 3 ft. Shown in the diagram.



With having a physical disability I am very interested in how we use our scenes and how we cope when they are taken away from us.

When making these boxes I will experiment to find out what materials suite portray that scene.

Lastly when the viewer interacts with these series of works, I would like to take away all there other senes apart from the one they are using.


Artist Statement 7

Since my last artist statement I have completed the photogram section of my portfolio, I have selected 19 of these images to go into an exhibition in 2018 at the light box in Woking. After reviewing my artist statement I still am interested in these themes, but I would like to take a more sensory approach to my work. I would like to do this through movement, touch, feel and sight so I would like to focus my theory side on artists that work with these themes, especially food. By doing this I am narrowing my art practise as I would love to be an art therapist when graduating. I have already started on this process by doing a series of light works, films and sculptures. I have been proposing these works to galleries.


Change of Direction

A few months ago I made head light boxes as part of a sensory project I am in the process of doing. Unfortunately, after making these 18-18 cm boxes I realised they are too large for my original plan to go in a gallery. I would like to now break these down and use them as another piece of work for ongoing projects.

light box process

I have created 18 by 18 light sensory boxes for people to wear when viewing them. I have glued all four sides together leaving an opening for peoples heads then filled them with individual fairy lights by drilling holes in the top and sides of the boxes. These will be a set of four with different coloured lights in each of them.


Light box Trials

IMG_2308.JPGIMG_2307I made these small boxes as I am interested in how people can access art with sensory impairments. They are 5-5 cm made with wood that I have found around the house. I stuck all the pieces of wood together to make a box using black paper stuck to the inside. Then I drilled holes around the outside of the box to stick fairy lights inside them, these are to benefit people with visual impairments. As this has worked well, in the future I plan to make life size versions of these so people can place them on their heads to gain a full sensory experience.

Light art

With this in mind, I started researching and experimenting what I could achieve with using lights in my art work. For example I came across painters that paint with glowing paint so they can display their paintings in the dark. However, the section of research that really fascinated me was the photographers that use a slow shutter speed to gain light movement at night. With this in mind I bought myself some finger lights and in the dark got someone to move them round at a fast pace whilst I had my camera on a slow shutter speed. I am very happy with this work. My next stage will be thinking of ways to present these for example films or projections on a wall.


James Tapscott

James Tapscott is an American artist who is fascinated by night art and light art. For example, he places light sculptures in wide public places and photographs them at night. However, this is not the section of his work that intrigues me the most. It is his photographs of light reflection bouncing off of water at night which give a nice flow of light movement. This really intrigued me due to the work I have been doing recently with the photogram movement as a lot of these look like flashes of light.