Artist Statement 5

By reviewing and looking back on my practice so far I can see that I need to concentrate on the theory behind the performance art and its history and looking deeper into the history of abstract art. When looking back on the films I have creative I am pleased with them overall but I would like to get back to the roots where my art started by portraying the movement and the abstract markings created by human.


By looking at the films of Busby Berkeley who creates Hollywood dance films, I would like to maybe create a series of work around the idea of portraying the difference in movement between people with additional needs and without additional needs to show the difference with fluid movements and without.

In my latest research I`ve also come across an artist named Madeline Beckett who creates photograms of living worms moving on photographic paper. As I am also interested in objects this is something I would like to explore.

On a recent trip to France I went to an exhibition by Andres Serrano. His artwork is renowned for being shocking and controversial but the series of work that really stood out to me was his bodily fluids series where he has taken close up shots of people`s bodily fluids like sperm, blood etc. I would like to explore this technique by using different colour dyes and coloured liquids as in his images you can really see the movement of the bodily fluids. I would also like to research into the makers and animators of Fantasia the Disney film, as the start of this film has colourful displays to music.



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