Artist Statement 1

My practice is all about movement and how we portray movement. Even though it can be delicate it can be seen as a very strong and striking art form. I have been looking at performance artists and dancers as I would like to explore how we can be immersed in the movement as it’s happening. Artist such as; Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker Tricia Brown Heather Hansen These are all dancers who combine their dance with mark making. Heather Hansen is a trained ballet dancer and uses delicate movements with charcoal. By using ballet movements and stretching her body she is able to cover the area with charcoal patterns, leaving a trace of her movement. I take inspiration from this as I have very limited and delicate movement myself. I like to use my chair for big and bold marks to cover a large surface area. I also use my hand for more delicate and intricate work. As well as movement with the chair, I am exploring how I can manipulate materials to create different forms and explore how movement can change shape. Eg, using tin foil, water, bubble wrap, plastic bags can all have a different effects and outcome. From these experiments I would like to learn more about how to capture movement on film and how best to display final outcomes. I would also like to expand my knowledge on Final Cut Pro and the editing process. Ideas I thought about for extending this project further and moving forward are to film my hands through materials that move, eg, grit and sand. Also to film my wheel chair moving through different liquids to show the movement of the liquid. Quote: Adrian George says ‘ ….. Disabled artists to this day who use their bodies to extraordinary visual effect to communicate their unique perspectives on contemporary culture’. Art, Lies and Videotape: Exposing Performance. Page 11. Keywords – practice, current, origin, art, objects, images, performance, film, discourse. Bibliography * Art Lies and Videotape: exposing performance. ed Adrian George: – 2003 – Tate Publishing * Perform: Jens Hoffman and Joan Jonas – 2005 – Thames and Hudson.


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