Monthly Archives: December 2015

Film Trials

As it was pointed out it would be nice to see documentation of the work I was creating I decided to explore the film side of my work.

Trial Film first session – After brainstorming a number of materials I decided to select three to record myself moving them with my hands. The materials I had selected was due to the shape they would create when scrunched. During filming I had my camera on a tripod underneath a light source and tilted directly above my tray on a white background.

Trial Film second session – On review of my first films, I decided that the white background did not look affective as the light was bouncing off the white card. So I decided to film them this time on a black background. I also changed one of the materials, the bubble wrap, to newspaper as it wasn’t creating the shapes that I wanted.


Heather Hansen

Heather Hansen is a drawing artist. She started very late in her art career as she was originally trained as a ballet dancer. This now though, inspires her new passion which is charcoal drawing. To create these pieces she lays on a large sheet of paper on the floor with charcoal in her hands and between her toes.

She then creates her ballet movements stretching her arms and legs to draw these magnificent pieces.



Drawing Trials

As I wanted now to explore movement I started thinking of the ways that I could portray movement through mark making. This was inspired by the artist Heather Hansen that creates large charcoal drawings.

I created all these drawings by crushing charcoal with my chair and moving paint around. I am happy with the pieces I put up for final display.

On feedback from my friends and peers, they thought it would be a good idea to document and film the creation of these pieces. Another thing that was mentioned was the dislike of slogans on one of the pieces. However, I did point out to them that this was supposed to be a creation of a “STAIN” rather than a final piece.




Having a disability makes me appreciate movement and the delicate things that can be created through art work and performance.

In my next section of my portfolio I would like to explore the ways we can record and portray movement. Looking into performance art and film.