Monthly Archives: November 2015

Abstract Reflection

This is my favourite piece of work I’ve created in a long time. I love it because of it’s scale and the attention it attracts. This piece of work has several dimensions to it. The first would be because of it’s colour and scale and the second is because you’re not quite sure what you are looking at.

When displaying this piece of work, I would like to have lights shining off of it. This creates a wonderful 3D effect due to the light bouncing of the reflection of the mirror. As you can see from the picture below, I photographed it on a white background to get this effect. However, after giving it some thought I think it would be better done on a black background because the lights reflect off the white background and you do not get the effect of the 3D light.





Erasing the Abstraction

With my trials complete for this part of my portfolio it was now time for me to decide how I wanted to display them for final outcome.

As I really liked the act of layering and taking away, I decided to make a final piece based on the trials I had created previously. I think this works well as a final outcome due to the colours and vibrancy of the work. When displaying this work, I will put them up on the wall. The order I have chosen to display can be illustrated in this image below.



British Artist Jack

British Artist Jack is fairly new in the world of art. He normally specializes in sculptures but his new adventure into abstract painting is the one I`m most influenced by. To create his work he gets large scale A1 pieces of Perspex and then dribbles paint all over them. When making a final piece of work he makes five of these dribbled paintings and layers them, one on top of the other to create a 3D effect on the wall.



Mirror trials

I wanted to experiment with different ways of creating abstract work. After further research, I came across British artist Jack. For his artwork he creates large abstract paintings on to Perspex and then layers them on to walls to create a 3dD effect.

Taking inspiration from this I decided to print my manipulated photographs on to acetate and then place them on to mirrors. I did this because I thought the mirrors would give a 3D effect as the mirrors would create a reflection when something was placed on top of them. This worked really well. As you can see, I don`t think the trials worked separately as a piece, however I would like to put these two ideas together and see how it works.