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Abstract collage 2

I used the leftovers from collage 1 as I really like the whole shapes that were left in the full image. I stuck these down and then layered them with S shapes from other acetate images. Whilst doing this I remembered an artist called Mark Barford his practice is to layer and then strip away and without realising it this is what I was doing.



Abstract collage 1

After my photos were very successful, I wanted to see how I could present abstract images in a different way so I came up with an idea of experimenting with collage and its techniques. So I decided to first print manipulated flower images onto acetate to add to the abstract affect, I then took a load of there images and cut them into circles then layered them together on a piece of paper. I think this works very well as it is very powering to look at and with acetate gives a see-through effect.



After the inspiration of Sean Rakttkey, I decided that I wanted to try my own version of his techniques. I went to Wisley gardens to photograph flowers as I have a big love of nature. When I selected the best from the photo-shoot I then used the painters tool on Photoshop to make them look abstract. This was successful as it made the plants and flowers just have an outline also made the colours to stand out.

IMG_1869 1


With this inspiration in mind, I thought about other things I like in nature and came up with the idea of flowers and water as I like the colour that is produced in flowers and the movement that water can make. With this in mind I planned two photo shoots, one at Wisley gardens where there is an array of tropical flowers and one at Caversham Bridge where there is the river Thames running right through.



Sean Ruttkay

Ruttkay is a South American self taught photographer who likes to abstract parts of nature especially water using electronic programmes such as photo shop and photo editor. As I am heavily influenced by abstract still in my art, I would like to take his inspiration and what he does in nature. As I am  interested in man-made objects, I am also interested in those given to us by nature.


Omar Hassan

Whist doing this current project, I came across an artist called Omar Hassen. He is an Indian American who has two main passions in life, boxing and street art. Unfortunately due to his current health condition of having diabetes, he has had to give up boxing. Going back to his love of art, he has managed to combine both of these passions in his latest exhibition and portfolio of work. This is where he is punching a canvas with boxing gloves to cover a canvas in paint. This exhibition is called breaking through


Omar Hassan


I am really happy with is overall project that I am putting up named boundaries as I think that I have achieved what I set out to achieve which is to show how objects can be used an pushed to make abstract art. The artists that have inspired me to create this portfolio of work have been Ceal Floyer, Bart Lodewijks, Francis Alys and Sam Francis.

The six pieces of work I am entering for this section of my portfolio are:

  • Swish
  • Rock and roll
  • Dropped rock
  • Spiral
  • Printed rock
  • Whipped