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Before I enlarged my work, I wanted to do some experiments in my sketch book to trial which rope I preferred to use. When doing this process, I was surprised of the outcome as I thought initially I was going to like the effect of the thicker rope because it was rougher than the thinner rope. However, in doing these trials I came to the conclusion that the smoother,thinner rope was better due to the swish motion made when mark making. I think this heavily due to the split ends on the smoother rope.

Thick rope on left hand side and thin rope on right hand side.

FullSizeRender2                             FullSizeRender


Working Progress

For my next project I would like to in large the scale of my work and the objects I am using. In order for me to do this, I have decided to get A3 sheets of white paper, rocks, rope, Red and Orange paint. As I was inspired by the work of Sam Francis.

image image