Monthly Archives: April 2015

Ideas to take my work forward

These are just some ideas that I have had that I would like to take forward in my own art practice;

1. Filming my work from up above

2. Filling containers with ink or paint then mark making with them on a surface

3. Making work and then photographing sections of it to then blow it up large scale

4. Mark making outdoors


Lee Ufan – From Winds


When I went to the Tate to see the mark making section in an exhibition, I came across the artist Lee Ufan. At first I was intrigued by the subtlety of the brush strokes so I wanted to go back and research further into his work. After further research, I found out that he is a Japanese artist influenced by the minimalist art movement and creates his work by filling his brush with paint and using it until the paint is completely run out.

Sam Francis – Sky view


Sam Francis is an American abstract artist who is highly influenced by the outdoors and the artist Jackson Pollock. In this current piece of work that I have actually been to see at the Tate, this is a sky view of a landscape done in an abstract format. The thing that attracts me to his work is the use of colour. This is because it is big and bold and very eye-catching. When going to view his work you are astounded by the scale of his work. He has encouraged me to want to use colour in my work as up until now that has never appealed to me and I have always worked in black and white.

Zoe Maslen – Hair



This is a piece of artwork by Zoe Maslen that I was lucky enough to see in the Jerwood drawing prize 2014. She is an Oxford Brooks graduate student that has studied fine arts. When I saw this work I was blown away by the scale of it, but on further research I’m more blown away by the processĀ  behind the creation of the work. On first glance I thought that it was a charcoal drawing of a representation of hair but further research has led me to see that it is her own hair that she has gathered and hair sprayed together to then scan onto an A3 print creating what she has here.It just shows me that you don’t need to draw to make marks so beautiful like she has above.



‘Tools’ This is a finished piece of recent work that I have decided to name Tools due to the way it was produced. This is a canvas that I split into sections using different household objects to mark make. You will see inĀ the post below that I made some trials using different objects from them I chose the best three which were to me, the hairbrush, the sponge and string. From left to right on this canvas, the first mark is the brush and the second is the sponge and the third being the string. My favourite out of the three is the sponge due to the fact when I showed this finished piece of work to people they think that it is something either than a sponge e.g. tyre marks. This has given me inspiration to produce more work in this field and pushed the boundaries of drawing to its limits.