Mark making trials

These are photos of my Mark Making Trials, they were produced by using different everyday objects with black ink. I chose to use black ink because it contrasts against the white background and stands out.



This is an image created by a plastic hairbrush, because of the material used it has not absorbed the ink when dipped in. Due to this it has made whispy uncontrollable marks when printed on paper. I love this effect because it is not something that you can control.



I decided to stamp the bottom of different sized cups into ink and then stamp them on white paper. I do not like this image because it has left big white holes in the middle of the ink print, I think this is due to the ink not absorbed into the material. The other reason why I do not like it is because the mark created is too bold and too controlled for what I prefer my drawings to be.



This mark is created by string, I soaked a piece of string into ink and then using my hand swished it around my book to create the effect you see here. Even though I was controlling the string by hand it has created a non-controlled effect on the paper.



I dipped a sponge into ink and then pressed very lightly onto paper. This creates a very light dusting effect of ink almost like being sprinkled by a brush. This is my favourite out of the trials that I have done.



I used a toothbrush to create this effect. I brushed it around the paint leaving ink trails. I do not like this mark as it is too bold and too striking.


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