Ceal Floyer


Taking the Line for a walk

This is the piece of work by Floyer  called taking the for walk this was exhibited in 2014 in the Lisson gallery .This is created by a paint roller being moved around the gallery until it runs out of paint.

I love her work because of the simplicity of it however she still manages make u think in depth about the work she is creating this can be most apparent in her piece  Light switch , this is a projection of her a light switch on to the wall .It questions the fashion of a light switch

Lisson Gallery

Phil Hansen


Phil Hansen is a New York based artist , his art is mostly drawings . However its not his art work that inspires me but his background , since birth Hansen was diagnosed with a neuron dieses which gives him uncontrollable shakes .He was told at a very young age that he would never be successfully in his passion which was an art career . With this information he went to a neurosurgeon to see if there was anything that could be done to stop his shakes ,the neurosurgeon said crazy and to in brace the shakes into his art work .

This is inspiring to me as I have a disability and very limited in my physical movement however this really give me inspiration to push the publics percipient of the art world and what is considered art work.