Light Art

With this in mind, I started researching and experimenting what I could achieve with using lights in my art work. For example I came across painters that paint with glowing paint so they can display their paintings in the dark. However, the section of research that really fascinated me was the photographers that use a slow shutter speed to gain light movement at night. With this in mind I bought myself some finger lights and in the dark got someone to move them round at a fast pace whilst I had my camera on a slow shutter speed. I am very happy with this work. My next stage will be thinking of ways to present these for example films or projections on a wall.


James Tapscott

James Tapscott is an American artist who is fascinated by night art and light art. For example, he places light sculptures in wide public places and photographs them at night. However, this is not the section of his work that intrigues me the most. It is his photographs of light reflection bouncing off of water at night which give a nice flow of light movement. This really intrigued me due to the work I have been doing recently with the photogram movement as a lot of these look like flashes of light.


Artist Statement 6

By reviewing and looking back on my practice so far I can see that I need to concentrate on the theory behind the performance art and its history and looking deeper into the history of abstract art. When looking back on the films I have creative I am pleased with them overall but I would like to get back to the roots where my art started by portraying the movement and the abstract markings created by human.


By looking at the films of Busby Berkeley who creates Hollywood dance films, I would like to maybe create a series of work around the idea of portraying the difference in movement between people with additional needs and without additional needs to show the difference with fluid movements and without.

In my latest research I`ve also come across an artist named Madeline Beckett who creates photograms of living worms moving on photographic paper. As I am also interested in objects this is something I would like to explore.

On a recent trip to France I went to an exhibition by Andres Serrano. His artwork is renowned for being shocking and controversial but the series of work that really stood out to me was his bodily fluids series where he has taken close up shots of people`s bodily fluids like sperm, blood etc. I would like to explore this technique by using different colour dyes and coloured liquids as in his images you can really see the movement of the bodily fluids. I would also like to research into the makers and animators of Fantasia the Disney film, as the start of this film has colourful displays to music.

After creating my photograms in the darkroom inspired by Madeline Beckett, it has really given me a desire to expand on these sets of work. When doing the hand photogram it gave me an idea to research into light movement as the movement of the hand looks fluid and looks like the concept of light painting. I went back into researching light art through movement and came across an artist called James Tapscott. As an artist he is very interested in working with light as an art form. In his 2013 exhibition, Lights On The Water, Fire In The Night , he exhibits different lights in different locations taking photographs of the set stage in it`s natural state. The works I am most interested in in this series are the photographs of water at night time as you can see a moving reflection with the glimmer of light. In doing this research I came across another artist Anna Daedalus. She is a Californian artist that takes photographs mainly of nature. The series I am most interested in are her photograms of the Californian river. This is where she has placed photographic paper at night in the river and exposed it to a flash of light. In my opinion these end results are fascinating as she has picked up loose debris from the river and because of the water covering them you are never sure of what you are viewing.

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Madeline Beckett

Madeline is a Californian artist that is very interested in the relationship between humans and nature. Especially how we can manipulate nature in our human settings. In her latest work of live worm photogram series she has placed live worms onto photographic paper and exposed them to light. I am interested in these works due to the fluidity caused by the fast pace of the moving worms and the lack of structure to the image.



Photogram Progress

Photograms is a process of exposing objects to light and then developing them using a chemical process. As I am very interested in movement I decided to brainstorm a list of objects that could be manipulated and show movement. This idea was inspired by Madeline Beckett who creates stunning photograms by placing live objects on photographic paper.


After reviewing my final outcomes, I have come to the conclusion that a human hand works better with this process as when you move a live object, you don`t gain enough light exposure.