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Hi everyone,

Please can you help me with my final project by quickly answering the questions below.

I am interested in the way we emotionally attach ourselves to objects that provoke memories of our loved ones.

1. Select a loved one. What is your relationship to this person?

2. What object provokes a memory of them?

3. Please describe the memory that is provoked by this object.

Everyone who takes part will remain anonymous. I would also like to interview some people – I f you are happy to talk about your object please let me know.



My proposal

For this project I would like to build upon similar works I have created in the past. A lot of my work is based on personal experiences and loved ones. However for this project I would like to use the personal experiences of a small group so that they are able to directly relate to the work along with other viewers.

For my idea I would like to take a select group of individuals and get them to choose objects that remind them of their loved ones in keeping with rules I have set.

I will then interview the individuals to see why they have selected the object that they have and how it relates to their loved one. In the interview I will document the information given through various methods such as photographs, video and tape recordings.

From this information I want to experiment with different materials to create shadows as a response to the information given which depicts their emotional attachments to certain objects. I would also like to experiment with different light sources from different angles to see how this affects the shadows cast. In my opinion the most important part of this installation is the shadows because they represent the emotions felt by the individuals.

I think it is really interesting the emotional attachments that we make with objects and the stories behind them that we create. By creating this attachment it gives the object a sentimental value and purpose in your life. I hope that by creating the shadows and taking away the object it will give the viewer a sense of the emotions that I have recorded throughout the interview process.

Process Proposal.

I decided for the process project to focus on instant moments around something that is forever. These are both represented by the forever of the Eiffel Tower, and the instant reflections of my chosen selection. I would have liked to experiment with different ways to present this piece, as I think it would have been nice to have more instant interaction by asking people to stand by the piece, or even possibly give them specific roles to play.
I would like to take instant moments in time, for example moving transport or water droplets, and combine them with permanent landmarks such as the Eifel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Pyramids. The reason why I would like to do this, it is due the fact I like the idea of combining two ends of the time spectrum together. For example: the forever and instant happen long or short period of time. I would like to experiment with different material to make sculpture with my chosen landmarks. To combine this with the instant moment I would to put this inside my sculpture or put it on the sculpture in some way. However I haven’t worked out the materials I would like to experiment with. I will start by researching famous land marks and artist that have based their work around instant moment or land marks themselves.
I would like people to understand from this piece of work that combining the instant and the forever is two different ends of the time scale. The reason behind choosing land marks is due to the fact that everyone else all over the world recognises these places and it shows that they’re forever in people minds. The instant shows us the fleeting moments that we all have in our daily lives that we can’t control. This contradicts the landmarks as they have been taught to us through society.

_DSC0023Wheelchair Drawing

I loved doing this as it gave me the freedon to really enjoy drawing. This was created by sprinklingg charcoal dust on white paper and driving through the dust.
You can see my finished piece of the drawing, I decided to add strips of masking tape to the white sheet of paper whilst driving through the charcoal dust. When I had finished I then removed the masking tape to leave the bold white lines you can see here. I think this adds an urban and grunge type looking effect to my piece. If I was to expand on this piece I would like to add even more urban content, things such as chewing gum, cigarette packaging- to give it a real street feeling.

Pleace prodject

These are my families Head Stones, starting with youngest to the oldest in age. I would have liked more time to go more indepth into the project as I think I lost my focus for the end result.
This was because I wanted to show the aging of people through time, and maybe wanted to make real life masks out of silicone to capture the difference in age in one person.